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    Xiamen Arrow-tech Electronic Co., Ltd, established in Aug. 2003, is a
    professional LCD manufacturer in the south of China. It composed of a
    group of experienced engineers and a group of skilled workers .We are specialized in designing and producing a wide range of standard character and graphic LCD Modules in TN, STN, FSTN mode, customer designed is also available.
      [2015-2-6]  SMT, PCBA, LED Display
      [2015-2-6]  Established a TFT production line in Hey...
      [2015-2-6]  We take part in HK Fair twice a year fro...
      [2015-2-6]  SGS text report, RoHS compliant.
      [2015-2-6]  ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Syst...
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